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IPA Phonetic Transcription


Texts in IPA Phonetic Transcription 0001 – Vowels and Consonants



























Consonant blends: Phonics 2 – by ELF Learning

Phonics Chant 2 – by ELF Learning (original)

Consonant Digraphs: sh ch wh th

Vowel diagraphs

Phonetic Spelling Rules

Vowel Diagraphs Words

Between the Lions: “When Two Vowels Go Walking”

Word Pairs – Short Vowel to Long Vowel

The Long Vowel Rules

Pronouncing the English Letters by Mikie Metric

Words and Pictures by BBC

Silent E


The Magic E Song

“Silent ‘e'” Music Video (The Electric Company)

Silent E


British vs American English Pronunciation



British English vs American English

Vowel differences by Anglo Link

Consonant differences by Rachel

British V.S. American Accents! by JoeyGraceffa

Connected Speech


Phonology-PDE Connected Speech

By LinguisticsMarburg

I’ve Got Rhythm: Intonation & Stress

Pronunciation tips on Connected Speech by BBC Learning English

Introduction to English Phonology and Phonetics by Dr. Nadja Nesselhauf






































Word Stress in 2-syllable Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs by Heather Hansen

Word stress on suffixes (part 1‐4) (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part4)

English Pronunciation: Stressed Syllables within a Word by Rachel

Word Stress in Sentences by Stacy

Syllable Stress in Words by Stacy

Stress and Rhythm in English Pronunciation by Elemental English

Stress Patterns by JenniferESL (Part1)

Suprasegmental Features by LinguisticsMarburg

Noun and verb syllable stress

Syllable Stress RULES by eslrulesUSA

English sentence stress

Word Stress Exercise by Holly

Word stress by Teaching English from BBC

Word Stress Quiz by English club

Pronunciation: Changing Meaning through Word Stress

Noun-Verb Homographs

Pronunciation Coach: Homographs (2012, April 2).

Stress Homographs

English Phonetics and Phonology by Fernando Trujillo

Word stress quiz by English Club

Vowel Changes in Stressed and Unstressed Syllables

English pronunciation lesson – vowel changes in stressed and unstressed syllables




Linking: an + vowel sound by Eva Easton

Linking: consonant sound + vowel sound by Eva Easton

Linking: consonant sound + same consonant sound by Eva Easton

Linking: /w, y/ + vowel sound by Eva Easton

English Pronunciation – Linking: Consonant to Vowel by Rachel

Teaching linking in English pronunciation

Connected Speech & Linking by Elemental English

Linking with Vowels 1 by English with Stacy

Linking with Vowels 2 by English with Stacy

PPT of linking and assimilation by David Deterding .

Linking in American English

Lesson 7 – Linking words together




Elision and liaison by Henrique Moura

Elision Review




Pronunciation: assimilation by learning English with pie

Pronunciation: assimilation by learn English with pie

Assimilation Examples from BBCLearningEnglish




English Pronunciation-Intonation by Jennifer


Lesson 10b

Lesson 10c

Lesson 10d

American English Pronunciation: Intonation by Rachel

English Intonation Pronunciation Exercise

Introduction to Intonation by Elemental English


General Vowels

Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds 2 – Front Vowels, Part 1

Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds 2 – Front Vowels, Part2

Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds 3 – Back Vowels – Part 1

Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds 3 – Back Vowels – Part 2

Pronunciation Tutorial 3: English Vowels and the International Phonetic Alphabet by Gabriel Wyner

British English Pronunciation by Linguaspectrum


Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds 5 – Diphthongs by JenniferESL

Diphthong Exercise

The Diphthong Poem by Alexander, K. (2010)

Contrast between Long and Short Vowels


Difference between short and long vowels

Difference between long vowels and diphthongs.

Minimal Pairs: English Pronunciation Exercises

Long and short vowels

Learning to read

Long and Short Vowels

Lessons 1 – 12

R-controlled Vowels

Annie’s Bossy ‘r’ – Prankster Cam by The Electric Company

R Controlled Vowels

Listen & Repeat:  Words with “R” /ɝː/ and /ər/ were, her, other, …

Listen & Repeat: 33 Words with “R” /ɔːr/

Listen & Repeat: 29 Words with “R” /ɛər/

Listen & Repeat: 28 Words with “R” /ar/

R Controlled Vowels by HEADSpaceJamaica

American English r-controlled vowels



Schwa by learn English with pie

Schwa in sentences by learn English with pie

The Schwa /ə/ | British English Pronunciation Course by Linguaspectrum

Straight Up English – Teaching Schwa

Reduced vowels: schwa /ə/ by

Marsha Chan

Schwa by BBC Learning English

Schwa Exercises

Schwa Exercises by BBC Learning English


/æ/ & /e/


English Speech Tip 2: Short Vowels a, e by Clear Talk Mastery

How to Pronounce AA [æ] vowel by Rachel

HuJiang English learning website

Pronunciation Tips – Short Vowel by bbclearningenglish

/æ/ Pronunciation English Meeting ESL Lesson

Pronunciation tips by BBC Learning English

Past Tense Utterances

Past tense pronunciation by Wall Street Institute

Pronunciation of ’ed’ by Anglo-Link

Past Simple Regular Verb Endings by  Linguaspectrum

[t], [d] or [Id]? | “-ed” Past Tense by Elemental English

105 Regular English Verbs with -ED in the Past by Espresso English

How to pronounced ‘–ed’ in English

Simple Past Tense Regular Verbs

– ed Pronunciation


Plural form Utterances

Plural Endings (-S/-ES) by by JenniferESL

How to Pronounce Plural Nouns: American English by Rachel


Voiced and Voiceless

Voiced and Voiceless sound

Voiced & voiceless sounds + /s/, /z/, /iz/ by Dr. Marsha Chan

Voiced and voiceless consonants

Minimal pairs of Voiced and Voiceless Sounds



/s/ & /z/



Voiceless & Voiced th

/ ð/ sound

/θ/ sound

‘th’ /θ/ & /ð/ vs. /s/ & /z/ – American English Pronunciation Lesson

S or Z by Linguaspectrum

Pronunciation Practice of the ‘th’ vs. /s/ & /z/ Sounds by Melanie

Pronunciation of ‘’th’’ from English Meeting

“TH” Pronunciation by English Meeting

TH Pronunciation Exercise by my ESLtv

ESL Th Sound English Tongue Twister

The Voiced TH sound

The Voiceless TH sound

/l/ &/n/

如何擺脫港式英文的口音(28) N/L之別

/l/ &/r/


Teacher Melanie’s English Pronunciation Lesson (ESL)

Part 1

Part 2



W and R Pronunciation

/v/ &/w/






Mixing Up V & W sounds: American English Pronunciation by Rachel

Some tongue twisters with /v/ and /w/



Pronunciation Tips – Voiced Consonant Sound 05 / v /

Pronunciation Tips – Voiceless Consonant Sound 05 / f /

English Pronunciation – F & V  by English Teacher Jon



English: How to Pronounce B and P consonants  by Rachel

Pronunciation Lesson Plan_/b/ and /p/ by Hugar, S. (2007).



English Pronunciation – S & SH by Ronnie

How to Pronounce “Sh” vs. “Ch” Sounds

English: How to Pronounce SH [ʃ] and DJ [ʒ] consonants by Rachel



Consonant Cluster


English Pronunciation–What’d You Say? by Kmbernie

ng nd pt ct xt nt lk lt sk sp st nk ld ft lp – Consonant Endings

Emerging Reader Grammar Phonics Lesson, Beginning Consonant Blends

Beginning Readers Grammar Phonics Lesson, Ending Consonant Blends 

Tongue Twisters with Consonant Blends

Consonant Clusters (Blends)

Consonant Clusters by Elemental English

Phonics Chant 2 – by ELF Learning (original)


Silent Consonants


Spelling & Pronunciation – Words with Silent Letters

List of Materials for Silent Consonants

Silent Letters in English from A to Z by ExpressoEnglish

Silent Consonant Letters in English

Tongue Twist

English Tongue Twisters by Mr.Twister

Tongue-Twisters from English Club